Climbing Bukhansan Mountain, Seoul, Korea-Beagundae course

IMG_0194Now the weather in Korea is getting warm that it is good to go hiking.:) 13 mountains which you can see in below picture are famous places in Seoul that many people prefer to go.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 9.13.27 AM

I hiked Mt, Bukhansan which is one of the famous mountain in Korea at the end of October last year. The name of Bukhansan pronounces as the meaning of “North Korea + mountain” in Korean, but it does not related with North Korea. It just means “Big mountain in the north of Seoul”. It has more than 10 courses, but some of the courses are rough that you have to choose the proper hiking trail according to your abilities. I chose the Bae-gun-dae track. The distance of this trail is about 2.17 mile(3.5 km) and take 2-3 hours.

How to go there?

You can go only with public transportation without car. I went there with subway and bus. First, leave in Gupabal subway station(Subway line3, Exit 1) and take bus 704 or 34 public bus, then leave in Bukkansan Mountain entrance bus stop.


The distance of the Gupabal and the Bukkansan mountain entrance bus stop is 2.73 mile(4.4km) and it will take about 21minutes. Otherwise, taking taxi from Gupabal subway is also the good way to go. Because taxi is quite cheap in Korea that it will cost about $5-6 from Gupabal station to  Bukkansanseong entrance .


When is the best time for hiking?


The best time for hiking in Korea is fall, because of the autumn leaves. Normally you can see the autumn leaves between middle of the October and early November. However, spring is warm that from March to May is also good for hiking.:)

If you hike the Mt. Bukkansan, you can see the Buddhist temples.With 1700 years of Buddhist history, almost every mountain in Korea has the Buddhist temples.

Mt.Bukhansan has the mountain fortress which is called Bukhansanseong, and It has 8 gates. If you hike this trail, you can see one of the gates which is called Bae-gun-bong-am-mun(백운봉암문 in Korean). It was built on the highest spot(attitude of 725 meters) among the fortress gates of the Bukhansanseong, and is made in 1711.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 11.42.39 AM

I was surprised how people built the gate in the high spot of the mountain! If you pass this gate, the top of the mountain is almost there. However, it is quite hard to climb the final trail.This is because you have to climb the steep rock and some part of it, you have to hold the rope to climb. In fact, I was really scary when I climbed the ROCK with rope.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 11.13.15 AMBut it was worth it!! The top of the mountain view was beautiful and I could see the whole landscape of Seoul.


This is the view of Seoul from top of the Mt.Bukhansan 🙂

IMG_0192Another peak of Bukhansan.

It was nice to enjoy the view of mountain during hiking.

Thanks for reading.:)


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