About Korean military-Wearing the rubber shoes upside down

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All Korean men have to go to the military about 2 years. Now my brother is also in military that I get interested in the topic of ‘Korea military‘.

When boyfriend goes to the military, the girlfriend has to wait about 2 years that it is quite a long time. Accordingly, there are couples who broke up before the men go to the military or when the men is in the military. About the couples whose men are in military, there is a Korean proverb “Wearing the rubber shoes upside down”(고무신 거꾸로 신는다). This mean when the boyfriend is in the military, girlfriend betray and date with other guy.

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Where did the “Wearing the rubber shoes upside down” proverb came from?

When the Korea was liberated from Japan on 1945, people were commonly wearing rubber shoes. At that time, all young men had to serve in the military as nowadays. There is a story of this proverb’s origin. While the boyfriend is in a military, girlfriend went to the same room with other guy. However, after that, the girlfriend was trying to leave the room in a hurry and she wore the rubber shoes in opposite. This is because she had no time to wear it properly. I doubt if it is possible to wear the rubber shoes upside down, but might be possible if someone is really in a hurry. 🙂 This proverb’ story is commonly known among Korean.

“Wearing the rubber shoes upside down” is still used commonly. For example, when the guy goes to the military, the boyfriend say to the girlfriend “Don’t wear the rubber shoes upside down”.

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