All about the Korean delivery culture

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In many countries, delivery is quite common, but there is a unique delivery service what you can only see in Korea. Deliver service is common in Korea that you can deliver anything such as all food, document, present…etc and the price is cheap. You can eat almost all the food like pizza, chicken, Hamburger in a same price as you eat in the store. There is no tip culture in Korea that you don’t have to give tip to the delivery men.Today I will introduce about the interesting story about the Korean delivery culture.

1. Quick Service

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Quick service means delivering with motorcycle, that it is quicker than any other delivery system. Usually people use this service to deliver the document, parcel or just about anything that’s not too heavy or big. Normally it took 1 hour for the item to be delivered. But sometimes they deliver the person! :O

Every year 3rd grade in high school has the university entrance exam which is like the SAT in US, but this test is only in once a year. So if you are late for the test, you have to wait one more year to have a test. Because of this  reason on the test day, you can see the unusual sight. One of the interesting scene is if the students wake up late or in a heavy traffic that they are expected to be late at the exam, they use the “Quick service”. I saw this news in every year after the university entrance test day.

2. Deliver Everywhere, Anytime

The screen shots in below is the Korea TV program-“I live alone”. In this show, the French men( name: Fabien) ordered the food in the park.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 10.36.02 AM



Subtitle means: “Does the food delivers in the park?”


Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 10.44.41 AM



Within 30minutes,  the food was  delivered in the park as you can see in the left picture.:)


You will be curious, how the deliver men can find the place between the large park? But in Korea everywhere, anytime the delivery is possible. When I was a university student, I frequently ordered food with delivery and the food was delivered normally 15minutes and no later than 30minutes. Also the deliver men know the specific place in university that if I ask to the delivery men “Please bring the food in business school building”, then he brings the food to the right place.

It is common to deliver food at night or even the raining, snowing in outside. But the picture in below, seems quite dangerous. Motorcycle accidents during delivery happen quite frequently in Korea. 😦  I also experienced once that I ordered the food in chicken store but the food was not coming. I called the store and they said “Sorry but the delivery person had an accidence in the road that it will be delayed”.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 11.20.36 AM

3. Metal Delivery Box

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If you are walking the street in Korea, the men delivering with the motorcycle and the metal box  is easily seen. Korean Chinese food restaurant start delivering the food since 1950’s and they are using the steel box in deliver.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 9.19.58 AMThe advantage of delivering with metal container is in preserving the heat well. It can keep the food warm during the deliver, also the steel bag is hygienic, because the food stained in the bag is easily cleaned. Many Korean food has a soup that the soup can be flowed out of the bowl during delivering this soup food. Accordingly, the bag which can be easily be cleaned is the  important element of choosing the deliver bag.



4. Fast food Delivery Service

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All the major Fast food stores in Korea are delivering the food: McDonald, Burger King, Lotteria. Also the good thing is they deliver in 24hours and if you order the food more than $5, no charge for delivery.

Thanks for reading and I would be thankful if you leave the comment of your thinking or about your countries’ unique deliver culture. 🙂

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