Do you know the Korea “Coffee mix”?

제목 없음

There are many types of coffee such as coffee shop’s coffee, can coffee, capsule coffee, filter coffee..etc. The coffee mix is popular in Korea that it was sold more than a rice in a market. Korean eats the rice every day but recently we drink 7billion mix coffee in a year. Haha 7 billion is the word population.

Then what is in Mix coffee?

People usually call the coffee mix as ‘mix coffee’ or ‘stick coffee’ in Korea. The ingredient of the mix coffee is grind coffee beans, sugar, creamer…etc.


The first instant mixed coffee pocket was invented by the Korean Dong Shu Food company in December, 1976. Korean has “Pali-Pali” culture which means “Hurry-up!” or “Faster!” that we also prefer to eat fast, drink fast. Accordingly Korean are addicted to the mix coffee, which can quickly make and drink, that it is easily seen in everywhere such as home, office, school, coffee machine in public place.


How to make delicious mix coffee?

You can see how to drink mix coffee in the Maxim Mocha Gold Mild article.

Also I will give you the tips for making delicious mix coffee.:)

1. When pouring the mix in a cup, you can control the sugar content! Because the sugar is in the back of the mix pocket, you can control by holding the end of it. Want less sugar? Pinch the end! Then less sugar will be poured into your cup.

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 8.52.24 PM2. Use the paper cup. It is easier to put the right amount of water. The proper amount of water in a one mix coffee package is 90ml and the paper cup is 195ml. So fill only half of the cup with the water. So the total amount of water and the coffee powder will be 80% in the paper cup as you can see in the right side of the picture.



3. Pour the hot water two times separately.

: Put the coffee, creamer, sugar first which is in the max coffee package, and then just pour the small amount of the water to melt those ingredient, After the coffee powder is melt, put the rest of the water. It will help for melting the sugar totally and the taste will be smooth.

  1. Put the fresh milk instead of the creamer.

: There are ‘black mix’ which is one type of the mix coffee, but doesn’t have the creamer inside. Make the coffee strong with this black mix, and then put the milk instead of the creamer. The good amount of the milk is the double of the coffee. Then instant coffee latte completed.


When you stir the coffee, you can do with small spoon or with the coffee pocket. Many Korean stirs with coffee pocket. However I don’t recommend stirring with coffee pocket as the harmful ingredient can came out from the plastic pocket when it is in the hot water.

Mix coffee is delicious and easy to make, but also has weakness. Pros and cons of the mix coffee are as below.


  1. It is really cheap! Only $0.1 for one pocket.

2. Mix coffee has the sweet taste that it helps the people to relieve the stress with cheap cost.

  1. You can make and drink the coffee easily. Just put the mix pocket in the cup and pour the hot water. You don’t have to put coffee, prime, sugar separately.


  1. High calories: Mix coffee has quite a lot of sugar inside that one mix pocket is 55~69kalories.

Starbucks’ ham& sandwich is 246kcal, so if you drink 4-5mix coffee pockets, that means you are having a one meal.

치즈 모짜랠라 샌드위치 스타벅스

In my experience, mix coffee is quite addictive and I drank 3-4 cups of mix coffee everyday. This is common in Korea that there are many Korean who drink 3~4 cups of mix coffee in each day as me.

2. If you make the coffee with the mix coffee powder, the coffee amount is the 80% of the paper cup. Accordingly, the coffee amount can be lack for you.

Even if the mix coffee has cons, I assume you should try this at least once in your life. Probably you will like the taste and the easy way of making it.

Thanks for reading:)

3 thoughts on “Do you know the Korea “Coffee mix”?

  1. Very interesting 🙂
    Your “pro” number 2 made me start thinking. You write that the sweet taste of mix coffee helps people with stress relief. Do people tend to associate the sweet taste with stress relief? I have never heard of such an association before, so this is why I am asking. 🙂


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