Banchangage-Korean side dish market

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This is the typical Korean restaurant meal picture. Lots of side dishes!!

Korean normally has every lunch and dinner like this. When Korean eating in home, just the average side dishes numbers are little less than above picture. In general Korean home ,people usually eat meal with “3-5side dishes, rice, soup”.

Making just one of the side dishes is hard for me! But the Korean housewife have to prepare about 4-5 kinds of foods for each meal. Because of this difficulty, from 2000s new type of market, which is called Banchangage(Side dish market) appeared.

This market sells the food but it is not a restaurant nor Take-out restaurant. It sells food for eating at home, but need some easy cook after buying. 😉 It is heating the food and displacing the food in plates as the food seems just made in home. The amount of the food they sell in one time is more than a once meal that normally Korean eat the side dish food about 2-3times after they bought.

Many Korean men have a romantic ideas about marriage that the wife cooks the food for him, and of course they want it.

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However nowadays many Korean women have a job also after the marriage that the women’s life style have changed. They prefer eating meal in restaurant and some of them frequently use the Banchangage(side-dish market) for preparing meal in home.

The below screen shot is part of the “Honey;Son-in-law-Guest” TV program (“자기야 백년손님”in Korean). This is talk show program which the guest are Korean celebrity couples. In below screen shot, they talked about their opinion of wife’s buying side dishes act in Banchangage when preparing dinner in home.

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 8.30.21 PM


Men: “The skill of warming the food is really improved”.(It is a sarcastic comment of wife’s act of buying food in Banchangage)



Women: “Going a Banchangage(Side-dish market) for buying a food is a great effort”.


Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 8.30.32 PM

Men: (the husband talked to his wife)”Why we even buy the soup from the Banchangage(Side-dish market)?”->This means “Buying other side dishes is ok. But why you even not make the soup in home and buy?”


In this TV program called Jagiya(자기야)”, Some of the husbands complained that their wife are not making food but buying the side dish. However most of the women are positive for buying food that they say it is hard to make all the side dishes in every meal. They think “we should assign making side dishes to the professional(side dish market) who can make well”.:)

In my opinion, the growth of the Banchangage(Side dish market) in Korea, reflects the change of the Korean society. Only 15~20years ago, many Korean thought women should prepare the meal in home and they should do the household affair by themselves.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 10.04.52 PM

But today, Korean thinking of wife role has changed that many of them think husband should also do the household affair with their wife. Accordingly,Banchangage’s(Side-dish market) growth is the one of the social phenomenon of more Korean women do work in society.

Thanks for reading.:)

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