Inside story-Korea plastic surgery

Since 1990s, people seeking for perfect beauty and new cosmetic surgeries trends have overflowed in Korea. Now Korea has world’s highest rate of cosmetic plastic surgery with the comparison of population. When I walk around the street or when taking a bus and subway, I can see the plastic surgery advertisement in everywhere.

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Plastic surgery advertisement in the building

IMG_0384Plastic surgery advertisement in the subway

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Plastic surgery advertisement in the bus

Today, I will introduce the real inside story of plastic surgery in Korea.

Why Korea is crazy at plastic surgery?

  1. In my opinion, Korean people compare with other people a lot. For example, when parents meet their child’s friend parents, they ask a question as “Does your child studies well?” We also compare the looks with other people a lot. Accordingly, many of them choose plastic surgery to be more competitive in appearance.
  1. Lookism(외모지상주의 in Korean) is a frequently used word in Korea that it reflects the Korea society well. Lookism means positive stereotypes and preferential treatment given to people whose appearance matches cultural preferences.

“I will overlook because you’re pretty(예뻐서 봐주다)”

This is a sentence which commonly used especially from Korean men to women.

How I can feel that many people are doing plastic surgery?

1. I can see the people whose face is wrapped in bandage in a street about once a week. For your information, Gangnam, Shinsa, Apgujeong are the famous place for plastic surgery clinic and these people can be easily found in these street.

2. Before I was searching for orthopaedic in Shinsa street, but finally couldn’t find it. During that time, I only saw 30 plastic surgery clinic in a street. On the other day, I was searching for otolaryngology in same street and finally! found only one after walking 30-40minutes.

3. Some of the plastic surgery clinic seems like luxurious hotel and uses the whole building.

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 11.53.19 AM

Then which part people usually do the surgery?

This is differ from the age group

Age Type of surgery
19(Before the freshman year of college) Double eyelid surgery
25-30 age bracket Nose: to make more top and sharp nose or facial contour surgery
30-40 age bracket Surgery for making look younger. Normally facial contour surgery, bimaxillary operation which relating or affecting both jaws, and lift surgery for the sagging face skin.

What has been changed in Korea after the plastic surgery got popular?

  1. Surgery is a present for college entrance.

It is common for having plastic surgery prior to freshman year of college. The students think they studied hard for entering university and had no time to take care of their beauty. Accordingly, many of them desire to do the surgery after they got admission to college. Also the good thing for surgery in this time is new college friends can think the face was a genetic blessing of some sort.

2. Plastic surgeon has the highest annual salary between all types of doctors.

3. Plastic surgeon-most preferred job

If the student studies well, he or she prefers to choose medical college as a major that it is hard to enter the medical college. Normally the exam score should be within 1% between all of the Korean students. Also when students choose the type of the medical major in college, plastic surgeon is the most preferred.

4. Do you want to be a celebrity? Do a plastic surgery.

People assume that if someone wants to be a celebrity, he or she should do the plastic surgery. Among the Korea celebrities, lots of them did. Even, some of the celebrities are the surgery advertisement model, and they are not shame of being plastic surgery model.

  1. Plastic Surgery package

Many foreigners come to Korea to do the plastic surgery with package product. Recently, Korea medical tourism has grown that many foreigners visit Korea for plastic surgery. Korean clinics provide various service for visitors, such as hotel accommodations, airport, pickups, and multilingual websites, e-mail as a package.

  1. Some Korea do  plastic surgery to get a job

Recently, it is getting more harder to get a job in Korea that even some of the job seekers are doing plastic surgery to find a job. They think if the face is more pretty and handsome, it will give good impression to interviewers and could be better for having a job.

How people think about plastic surgery?

In the ‘90s, if someone did a plastic surgery, it should be a secret, and they tried to cover it. However, after the famous celebrities did a coming out which she did a plastic surgery, the experience of plastic surgery has not been a fact of shame. Today, even some of the Korean think, looks ugly is more shame than the fact that he or she did the plastic surgery. Accordingly, boys are also generous at plastic surgery and many of them think it is ok or no matter if their girlfriend had plastic surgery.

Thanks for reading. 🙂





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